Paper Reviewer & Session Moderator Tools

For Paper Reviewers

For Session Moderators

  • ASEE 2016 Moderator Instructions
  • Conference Site/Mobile Moderator Tools, Including Post-Session Evaluation
    Note:  You must log in to access moderator tools.  This provides you with your session information and a post-session moderator evaluation for you to submit.
  • 2016 Manufacturing Division Session Welcome and Announcements Slides (Download PowerPoint) 
    Please use these slides at the beginning of your session to inform attendees of Manufacturing Division events and opportunities.  Optionally, you might set these up to cycle automatically on the screen as session attendees arrive.
  • 2016 Division Handouts with Event Schedule (Download PDF)
    Please make copies to hand out to session attendees.  If you need assistance with paper copies, please contact a Division Officer.
  • Optional Helpful Forms for Moderator:
    • 2015 ASEE Session Presenter Evaluation Form and Compiler Spreadsheet
      Useful to gather attendee assistance in evaluating presenters. (These were the 2015 categories which ASEE requested Moderators to evaluate.  We will have to check back to see if 2016 questions have changed.)
    • Manufacturing Division Session Feedback Form (TBDeveloped)
      Use to gather attendee (and your own) input on ways to plan improvements to future conference cessions. Bring collected responses to officers at or before the Division business meeting.