ASEE Make It! 2016 – Abstracts Due Oct 19

ASEE MakersOverview:

We will be using a poster session as a Maker themed event. Participants are welcomed from all divisions of the society. The only rule is that you must build and bring something to show, display, or demonstrate during the session.


We want to recognize all design and build activities in the truest form of the academic tradition of diverse opinions and expression. The basic caveats would be that it must be i) something that can be reproduced, ii) demonstrated, iii) of interest to at least some of an audience of students, faculty, and/or K-12, and iv) it was built by you, staff, and/or students. These projects can range from hard core technical design of mechanical/manufactured products to innovative techniques for textile work. An artistic flair is welcomed.


Mainly it is just fun to design, build, and share. But, the Maker community is a new main pipeline for gifted students of all types and their expression of making things using STEM knowledge and skills. It is a great way for engineering and technology programs to make themselves more approachable to the general public. 


The Maker themed poster session will feature displays and demonstrations. To fit the ASEE approach, abstracts should be submitted that outline the topic. It is understood that the final details will be set in the Winter. The details and instructions will be submitted as the ‘paper’. These should include enough detail to allow others to recreate your work. The review process will recognize that these will not necessarily match the traditional academic paper. At the conference we are currently planning to use part of the poster exhibition space. If we receive a large number of submissions, additional space in the exhibition hall is planned for expansion.


Members of all divisions are invited to participate. This is also an opportunity for the liberal arts and library divisions. Aside from technical work, the displays may also include personal hobbies.

How: The nitty gritty.

1. (Oct., 19) Submit an abstract to the Manufacturing division with a title that begins “MAKER: ___your title for the project to display___”.

2. (Feb., 2) Write a draft paper that outlines the work and how to build it. It is understood that some details may be rough, but fill this in as well as possible. 

3. (Apr., 5) The final paper is due.

4. (June 15-17) A time and location will be selected. You should be prepared to set up and display and demonstrate during the session. A poster can be valuable for casual spectators as you demonstrate.

Sample Projects and Documents:

MAKER: Converting the Sketch of an Artifact into a Composite Bezier Curve and Producing it in the Boxford Milling Machine [view paper] Dr. Sangarappillai Sivaloganathan (United Arab Emirates University), Mr. Hayder Zulafqar Ali (University Instructor), Mrs. Iman Abdulwaheed (United Arab Emirates University), and Ms. Sayeda Abboud Al Ameri (United Arab Emirates University)

MAKER: Very Low-cost Experiments via 3-D Printing and Vacuum Forming [view paper] Prof. Robert F. Richards (Washington State University), Mr. Fanhe Shamus Meng (Affiliation unknown), Prof. Bernard J. Van Wie (Washington State University), Mr. Franco Louis Spadoni (Washington State University), and Mr. Angelo Laury Ivory (Affiliation unknown)

MAKER: A One-hour Robot [view paper] Dr. Hugh Jack (Grand Valley State University)

MAKER: Gyro’clock – The Spinnable Time Reader [view paper] Kasun Sanjaya Somaratne (British Columbia Institute of Technology)

Maker: #BucknellMakers [view paper] Dr. Margot A Vigeant (Bucknell University), Dr. Nathan P. Siegel P.E. (Bucknell University), Dr. Karen T. Marosi (Bucknell University), Dr. R. Alan Cheville (Bucknell University), Dr. Eric A. Kennedy (Bucknell University), Prof. Charles Kim (Bucknell University), Prof. Joe Tranquillo (Bucknell University), Dr. David E Cipoletti (Bucknell University), Mr. Kyle Montgomery (Bucknell University), Miss Kerra Mercon (Affiliation unknown), Ms. Laura Kathleen Poss (Bucknell University), Mr. Zachary Paul Ross (Bucknell University), and Dan Robert Muccio (Affiliation unknown)

MAKER: Design and Create with Natural Dyes [view paper] Dr. Polly R. Piergiovanni (Lafayette College)

MAKER: Applying 3D Printing to Model Rocketry to Enhance Learning in Undergraduate Engineering Design Projects [view paper] Dr. Sven G. Bilen (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Mr. Timothy F. Wheeler (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), and Mr. Randall G Bock (Pennsylvania State University, University Park)

MAKER: Whack-a-Mole for PLC Programming [view paper] Dr. Sheng-Jen “Tony” Hsieh (Texas A&M University)

MAKER: A Practical Approach to Student Use of University Owned Rapid Prototype Machines [view paper] Dr. Christopher P. Pung (Grand Valley State University) and Ms. Debbie Morrow MLIS (Grand Valley State University)

MAKER: 48-hour Rapid Prototype Development [view paper] Mr. Rodney Boehm (Texas A&M University – Dwight Look College of Engineering) and Ms. Magdalini Z Lagoudas (Texas A&M University)

MAKER: Applications in Do-It-Together, Environmental Monitoring Technologies – Student Projects from an Interdisciplinary, Flipped, Service Learning, Makerspace Course [view paper] Dr. Charles M Schweik (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Dr. Paula Rees (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Dr. Steven D Brewer (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Ms. Christine Olson (Affiliation unknown), and Dan Smoliga (Affiliation unknown)

MAKER: Hands-On Engineering Scavenger Hunt, a CNC Clue Challenge [view paper] Robyn Paul (University of Calgary) and Kim Gould (Pivotal Projects)

MAKER: 3D Printer from Scratch Made with e-Waste [view paper] William Sarkis Babikian (Vaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology), Terry K Beesoon (Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology), Dr. Shouling He (Vaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology), and Dr. Hossein Rahemi (Vaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology)

MAKER: CAD + 3D Printing + Mold-Making: How to Create Custom Sterling Silver Pendants [view paper] Ms. Lauren Jatana Vathje (University of Calgary), Prof. Marjan Eggermont (University of Calgary), and Dr. Bob Brennan (University of Calgary)

MAKER: Star Car 2014 [view paper] Ms. Emily Ann Marasco (University of Calgary)

MAKER: Call a 3D Locksmith – How 3D Printing can Defeat Physical Security [view paper] Byron Doyle (Brigham Young University), Colby Goettel (BYU), Mr. Lane Broadbent (Brigham Young University), and Dr. Dale C Rowe (Brigham Young University)

MAKER: Candy Crane Robot [view paper] Dr. Andy Zhang (New York City College of Technology), Angran Xiao (New York City College of Technology, City University of New York), Mr. Bijan Bayat Mokhtari (Aalto University, New York City College of Technology), and Mr. Ali Harb (Affiliation unknown)

MAKER: Product Development in One Week – Bucknell Fabrication Workshop (B-FAB) [view paper] Dr. Eric A. Kennedy (Bucknell University), Dr. Nathan P. Siegel P.E. (Bucknell University), and Dr. David E Cipoletti (Bucknell University)

MAKER: Twisted Sister Rover [view paper] Dr. Andy Zhang (New York City College of Technology), Mr. Alexis Daniel Ortiz (NYCCT ), Bryant Vicente (New York City College of Technology), Angran Xiao (New York City College of Technology, City University of New York), Anass Baroudi (City Tech), Albino Marsetti (Gruppo Barbara), and Rocky Marcus Kowchai (Affiliation unknown)